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#64 Conflict Resolution with Dr. Jerry Fu

February 02, 2022 Heather Frederick, PhD Episode 64
Happy Doc Student Podcast
#64 Conflict Resolution with Dr. Jerry Fu
Show Notes

Watch this episode on Youtube: https://youtu.be/3hiqJfL9TwM

In this episode Dr. Jerry Fu shares a 5-step framework for dealing with difficult conversations. 


  • Avoiding problems do not make them go away.
  • Conflict is difficult for most everyone; having a system in place makes all the difference. 
  • Learning to navigate conflicts leads to better, stronger relationships based on truth and honesty. 
  • Don’t take criticism from someone you would not take advice from. 
  • Ask yourself: Do you want pity or do you want resolution?
  •  If things do not go as planned, study what happened. Use the failure to learn and get better (and celebrate the fact that you are making progress!)
  • Imagination is more important than knowledge – adapt the framework, making it your own.

 Five Steps:

1.    Envision the outcomes you want

2.    Find 10-seconds of courage to start the ball rolling and initiate the conversation 

3.    Script your critical moves – get your thoughts out of your head and onto paper 

4.    Role-play

5.    Go for it! (and bonus tip: don’t interrupt)

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