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Decision-Making with Madelaine Weiss, LISW, MBA, ECC

January 19, 2022 Heather Frederick, PhD Episode 62
Happy Doc Student Podcast
Decision-Making with Madelaine Weiss, LISW, MBA, ECC
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Show Notes

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Madelaine Weiss is a Harvard-trained licensed psychotherapist and board-certified in executive, career, and life coaching.  A Mindset Expert, while she was writing her book: “Getting to G.R.E.A.T.: A 5-Step Strategy for Work and Life based on science and stories” she became fascinated in decision-making and how our decisions shape our lives. 


1.     Words are powerful! How does your experience change when you say: “I get to” instead of “I have to”?

2.     Nothing is set in stone: Don’t be afraid to pivot if a pivot will make you happy. 

3.     It’s not just the decisions you make but what you make of them that really shapes your life.

4.     The more difficult the decision, the less time you should spend on making it – don’t drain your energy belaboring it. 

5.     When in doubt – go BIG and BOLD.

6.     Emotions are important for decision-making; you want an integrated brain that uses data from the emotional centers.

7.     Take care of your brain - make a habit of getting yourself centered (power breathe regularly).  

8.     Pausing to center yourself gives you clarity and makes you smarter.

9.     To create a habit – just do it until it becomes natural.

10.  Keep good company because we create our reality with our environment – that includes our thoughts!

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