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Know Thyself with Dr. Rosa I. Arriaga

January 05, 2022 Heather Frederick, PhD Episode 60
Happy Doc Student Podcast
Know Thyself with Dr. Rosa I. Arriaga
Happy Doc Student Podcast
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Show Notes

Rosa I. Arriaga received her PhD in psychology from Harvard University. She currently serves as the Associate Chair of Graduate Studies in the school of interactive computing at the Georgia Institute of technology. 

“Those who can teach and those who care become administrators.” 

“Be true to yourself and nothing in excess”

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  1.  Focus on creating your foundation – what SKILLS are you learning in your program? 
  2. Be conscious of your values and how your life is playing out – are you HAPPY?
  3. Think about your WELLNESS – how are you?
  4. You are already great – you need to stay sane and BOUNDARIES are key. Are you scheduling time for a BREAK?
  5. A brilliant mind can’t function if you aren’t taking care of yourself.
  6. Balance your “life portfolio” – school, hobbies, friends/family – are you having FUN?
  7. Be open to where you can use your tools post-graduate school  - you have skills that you can use beyond academia. 
  8. Self-reflect – Are you where you need to be? Check your handbook/manual for milestones and be sure to speak to your advisor/program lead/Chair and be CANDID.
  9. Do you know your WHY? You must have a why that sustains you.
  10.  Feedback is not failure. Listen to the feedback and be true to yourself. 

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