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#59 How to Build a GREAT Network with Dr. Jodie Hemerda

December 22, 2021 Heather Frederick, PhD Episode 59
Happy Doc Student Podcast
#59 How to Build a GREAT Network with Dr. Jodie Hemerda
Show Notes

Support is a critical factor for degree completion but a good network can do so much more than just get you to the finish line.  In this episode we talk about the power of advocating for yourself, communicating with your network, and the power of conferences. 


1.     Take stock of your tribe – who can you rely on for what? Communication is key here. 

2.     Be tactical.

3.     Be ok with change.

4.     Be aware of the need of boundaries – establish them – this goes both ways, don’t burn out the people around you.

5.     Don’t forget about the researchers whose work you are citing – they can be a source of support, too!

6.     When working with your Chair – have a face-to-face conversation specifically about your communication preferences. Be open and honest at all times.

7.     In term of your committee – it really does take a village. Be sure you have the right people in your village in terms of content and methodology. Especially methodology. 

8.     Early in your program (like NOW) tap into the power of conferences – but be sure to debrief with you committee after gathering all the new ideas you will bring to the table. 

9.     Advocate your yourself.

10.  Go outside your comfort zone

Dr. Jodie Hemerda has successful navigated both the academic and business arenas for more than 20 years. Her passion for learning is evident as she actively facilitates dialogue that empowers people to become active participants in their lives, in both the classroom and boardroom. Dr. Hemerda works to connect people to others through dialogue, striving to find resolution to personal, professional, and organizational challenges. She serves as the Dean of Graduate & Online Programs at St. Thomas University.

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