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#58 To Be or Not To Be with Dr. William Nericcio

December 15, 2021 Heather Frederick, PhD Episode 58
Happy Doc Student Podcast
#58 To Be or Not To Be with Dr. William Nericcio
Show Notes

Scholarly Writing is a skill that requires practice – this podcast gives you tips and techniques to hone this critically important skill. 

“The magic of writing is the magic of discovery.”

“Writing is intercourse…there's other people involved and there's an intimacy and, a need for connection...”

“Writing is communication without you being in the room…it all has to be there on the page.”

“Good writing is like good bricklaying. It's a craft. You’ve got to do it for it to be good. And if you don't practice it, it's gunna suck.”

“It's only by finding ourselves through our writing that we become the better scholar that we want to be to make that impact.”

Top 10 Tips:

1.    Go old-school - get out a pen and paper and write long-hand. This builds in a major edit as you input your writing into your computer. 

2.    Editing is KEY to better writing – this means just go for it with your first draft. Just write!

3.    Change where you write/edit. Literally change the place where you write to move through a block.

4.    Reduce that dreaded passive voice: Print your essay and circle every “is” and then edit. 

5.    Remember you are writing for your reader – be mindful of this.

6.    Model, model, model!!! Find a favorite paragraph that resonates with you. Re-write it with your topic, following exactly that syntax. Mimic the syntax. 

7.    Read journals in your field. 

8.    Discover what journal you want to be published in, find an article. Mimic it with your research. 

9.    Engage with what you are reading. Develop a relationship with the writing you are reading. 

10. Paragraph transitions are critical! Think about your writing like giving a gallery tour. Take your reader on a tour.

“So I guess we just need another generation of professors who are a little more heartful, a little less heart, less, a little less arrogant.” 

William “Memo” Nericcio has his Ph.D. in Comparative Literature from Cornell University. A Professor of English and Comparative Literature, He is currently the director of the Master of Arts in Liberal Arts and Sciences Program and serves on the faculties of Chicana/o Studies & Latin American Studies at San Diego State University.

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