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#45 Action Research 101 with Dr. Linnea Rademaker

September 15, 2021 Heather Frederick, PhD Episode 45
Happy Doc Student Podcast
#45 Action Research 101 with Dr. Linnea Rademaker
Show Notes

“The idea of Action Research is taking action.” Linnea Rademaker

In this episode, I speak with Dr. Linnea Rademaker about Action Research. 

Dr. Rademaker holds a PhD in Curriculum & Instruction from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and is a professor in the EdD Program in Organizational Leadership at Abilene Christian University. She also serves as the current (2020-2022) chair of the American Educational Research Association Action Research Special Interest Group (AERA AR SIG) and hosts a podcast called Action Research: Global Conversations. 

 What is Action Research? (taken from the AERA AR SIG website – link below)

Action research seeks transformative change through the simultaneous process of taking action and doing research, which are linked together by critical reflection. Action research practitioners reflect upon the consequences of their own questions, beliefs, assumptions, and practices with the goal of understanding, developing, and improving social practices. This action is simultaneously directed towards self-change and towards restructuring the organization or institution within which the practitioner works.

·      Action Researchers are often asking questions like How do I improve my practice?

·      Action research is more than a “method” – it is a way of thinking, of viewing the world.  

·      Rather than being an “observer” researchers participating in Action Research are part of the research; it is personal.

·      Action Research requires courage and commitment and leads to self-empowerment and positive change.

·      If you are a doc student and you want to do this research, find someone who is familiar with IRB protocol early in the process. 

·      If your questions lie in the contextual problem-solving arena, there's a good chance that Action Research will give you what you need to solve that problem. 


AERA AR SIG Website: https://sites.google.com/view/aeraarsig/current-news 

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