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#43 How to Get a Job Teaching Online with Dr. Todd Fiore

September 01, 2021 Heather Frederick, PhD Episode 43
Happy Doc Student Podcast
#43 How to Get a Job Teaching Online with Dr. Todd Fiore
Show Notes

Want to teach online? 

Dr. Todd Fiore, Director of Quality for Graduate Studies at St. Thomas University discusses how to get your foot in the door. 

Teaching online can be a great way to create a stream of income AND give back to the academic community.


1.     It is competitive, so be persistent and stay positive (don’t give up!)

2.     Don’t be surprised if the institution that granted your degree will not hire you (this is very common)

3.     If you are not familiar with teaching online, seek out free resources to educate yourself, or enroll in a certificate program related to online teaching

4.     You need more than your doctorate – you need experience and recommendations

5.     Get experience ANYWHERE you can (training at your organization, local venues, community colleges)

6.     Network (via conferences, Linkedin, faculty teaching your courses) while you are in school and develop relationships that can lead to not only connections with potential work, but great letters of recommendation

7.     When asking for letters of recommendation, send as much info as you can

8.     Never use someone as a reference unless you have asked

9.     If you want to make a living teaching online, be prepared for the need to work at multiple places.

10.  Tend to the relationships you have with your committee – be the type of person they can recommend for a job.

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