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Unhunched: The Power of Posture for a Pain-Free, Stress-Free Life with Aesha Tahir

March 13, 2024 Heather Frederick, PhD Episode 123
Happy Doc Student Podcast
Unhunched: The Power of Posture for a Pain-Free, Stress-Free Life with Aesha Tahir
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Show Notes

Aesha Tahir reveals the link between better posture and a pain-free life, less stress, and improved self-confidence. She is an award-winning author, keynote speaker, corporate trainer, and movement specialist who provides trainings on posture and wellness. Her best-selling book “Unhunched: Discover Wellness Through Posture.”

If you want visuals watch this on YouTube here: https://youtu.be/50Hoi4NInMY


1.    Good posture is your body’s natural position and should be effortless and allows gravity to work for us (not against us). 

2.    CHECK YOUR POSTURE: Have a friend take a photo of you standing. Are the landmarks aligned? Earlobe, shoulder, hip, knees, ankles. 

3.    Maintain good posture while siting. Are your eyes in line with your screen, elbows in line with shoulder, and your seat is deep in your chair?

4.    Your head is as heavy of a bowling ball and every inch your head moves forward you increase the pressure on your spine an extra 10 pounds! Do the math and now you understand why might have neck, shoulder, and back pain. 

5.    SIMPLE EXERCISE to combat poor posture: Chin retraction (press back of head against headrest or wall – hold for 20 seconds repeat 3-4 times), Pomodoro technique (move that body!), deep breathing, expansive posture stretches.

6.    Stress activates our sympathetic nervous system to activate which results in: rapid breathing, increased heart rate and blood pressure, reduced blood flow to necessary organs, higher levels of cortisol, etc.

7.    MOVE OFTEN!! Research suggests we are often not aware of these symptoms and after working on the computers after 30 consecutive minutes of sitting and typing on the computer, all these biomarkers are active and this induces muscle soreness and pain in our body.

8.    Bonus benefits of regular breaks – reduce pain and allow space for BURSTS OF CREATIVITY. 

9.    UNPLUG. Make time for yourself and your social network (your time spent in these activities may be LESS than before you started your degree, but do not eliminate entirely!).

10. BREATHE. 4-5 slow, deep breaths can break the stress-cycle by toning your vagus nerve.

11.Good posture also impacts our feelings of confidence and productivity. UNHUNCH dear listeners!

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