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Words of Power: Setting Your Course for 2024 with Heather Frederick, PhD

December 20, 2023 Heather Frederick, PhD Episode 117
Happy Doc Student Podcast
Words of Power: Setting Your Course for 2024 with Heather Frederick, PhD
Happy Doc Student Podcast
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In this short but reflective and empowering episode, I invite you to give yourself permission and brace the power of intention to set the tone for a transformative 2024.

I was surprised my word: Listening.

My mantra for 2024 will be: I am listening. What's yours? email me at: info@expandyourhappy.com.

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See you next year!

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I'm your host, Dr. Heather Frederick, and this is the last episode of 2023, if you can believe it. I know time during the season can be really limited, so instead of inviting on a guest for a full episode, I thought you and I could just hang out. for a few minutes and do an exercise that will help you pave the way for an incredible 2024. Now I'm going to invite you to close your eyes. If you're driving or walking, obviously you're going to keep your eyes open, but for everyone else, let's find a comfortable seat. Maybe uncross your legs if they happen to be crossed. Find your feet firmly planted on the floor. Maybe roll your shoulders up, back and down, just giving ourselves permission taking just a few moments, you deserve it, to set the stage for 2024.. Now, if you haven't already blinked your eyes shut, go ahead and do that. Relax the skin on your face. Feel yourself just melting into whatever surface you're seated on. And it's been a while since we've hummed together. I'm going to do three humming breaths that you just breathe at your own pace. It's just like it sounds. It'll be an inhale in and then a humming breath out. Go ahead and follow me now. Um, um, um, um, um, Um, um, um, um, um, And just rest in the vibration that you've just created. And with your clear and calm mind, I'm going to ask you, what word are you going to choose? for 2024. What word do you want to embody? To kind of serve as your mantra? for this upcoming year. Maybe it's calm, peace, love. Whatever word comes for you is the word that's meant to be. And if you're having difficulty, maybe try to finish this sentence. I am What, what word comes for you? Once you've picked your word, we're going to breathe that in. Allow yourself to feel what it feels like when you have more of that word, because that feels so good. Let's do that one more time. One more deep collective breath together. Maybe sighing it out. Begin to introduce some movement back into the body by maybe tapping your toes or flicking your fingers, rolling your wrists, blinking your eyes open when you're ready. I always like to end that one with a good morning stretch. And I'm wondering what word you chose. I will share mine, what will be my mantra for 2024 in the show notes below, but I would love to hear what you're going to be intending for this new year. And you can email me at info @ expand your happy. com. I also want to let you know, I have a very special first episode for 2024. It will be a message of hope, so be sure to tune in for that one. Until then, I'm wishing you and everyone that you love a season of magic and wonder. See you next year.