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Tips for Publishing with Dr. Lauren Saunders

November 08, 2023 Heather Frederick, PhD Episode 114
Happy Doc Student Podcast
Tips for Publishing with Dr. Lauren Saunders
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Show Notes

#114 with Lauren Saunders, PhD.

Lauren is the Vice President of Editing and Research for Dissertation Editor, where she previously served as an editor and managing editor.


·      Publishing your dissertation as a book and/or article(s) is a worthwhile endeavor - get your work out there (don’t kid yourself that people, beyond grad students, are going to read your dissertation as is).

·      The dissertation is a very specific genre – if you need help writing this way, get it!

·      Check out Lauren and Allen Roda’s book: PhDone - A Professional Dissertation Editor's Guide to Writing Your Doctoral Thesis and Earning Your PhD : https://amzn.to/3Z72W0T

·      Take a break (but not too long!) so you can get perspective before you reformat your dissertation as a publication.

·      A book can reach a broad, general audience and is an opportunity to put in all the personal reasons you picked your topic and other things that “don’t fit” in a typical dissertation – take this as an opportunity to find your voice.

·      Articles typically go to academic journals (for ideas on where to submit yours, check out your reference section).

·      Working with your chair/advisor/other committee member as a second author can be a great way to be mentored on how to publish in scholarly journals.

·      Talk to your network – get their advice and capitalize on their connections. 

·      Rejections give you important information! Don’t be disappointed, just like the revisions you made on your dissertation, they will make your published work better.

·      Be aware of players out there not working in your best interest – make sure they are taking time to do a legitimate peer-review and be cautious of pay-to-publish situations (unless it is due to open access reasons).

·      Last and not least, make sure you are living your life WHILE you are in graduate school.  

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@drlaurensaunders (Instagram & TikTok)
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 Get the book, PhDone: https://amzn.to/3Z72W0T

Learn more about Dissertation Editor: https://www.dissertation-editor.com/

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