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Trust Yourself with Swami Nityananda

September 27, 2023 Heather Frederick, PhD Episode 111
Happy Doc Student Podcast
Trust Yourself with Swami Nityananda
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Show Notes

On episode 111, I welcome Swami Nityananda. As Dr. Juniper Ellis, she is Professor of English at Loyola University Maryland. As Swami, she is the spiritual teacher and spiritual leader at Awake Yoga Meditation, a meditation community located physically in Baltimore that reaches listeners in many geographical areas.


1.    Each human has a natural connectedness – to find yours, ask yourself where do you feel alive, at peace, calm?

2.    It is simple to connect to your natural state of peace and calm, if you will pause long enough to remember (it is always with you…and you already know).

3.    Connect with this pure energy first thing in the morning by setting an intention “I am….” (can you take a moment to do this before you look at your phone?) 

4.    Tapping into this way of being will give you access to your intuition and help you navigate your day in a joyful way – step-by-step, choice-by-choice. Moment-by-moment.

5.    This really is simple – yes, just a few minutes will make a difference!

6.    Taking a few minutes in the morning and after work is a huge investment in your well-being (and whatever time you spend connecting with yourself you will get back in spades).

7.    When life gets challenging, these simple practices will allow you to “shake off” stress like a duck shakes off drops of water and give you the opportunity to respond (rather than react).

8.    When you take a few minutes to refresh and reset you improve every aspect of your life because you have access to your best self.

9.    Use technology in a way that helps you connect with your intention (and if they aren’t helping you, choose to use them in a different way); some ideas: sleep with your phone in another room, silence it, put it face side down, pick a screen saver that will remind you to breathe, write a positive message on your bathroom mirror, use a mindfulness bell app, etc. More ideas here: https://www.buzzsprout.com/1547113/11832398

10. Pick a daily intention that will assist you move through your day – pick a word (calm, clarity, peace) and breath into this word. 

11. We have the ability to create positive new pathways in our brain – things like picking an intention and focusing on that each day, simple yoga poses, taking deep breaths, will change your nervous system.

12. Use YouTube to search for tools that will help you find methods that resonate with you (personally, I love Yoga with Adriene). 

13. Trust. Trust yourself, your brilliance, the light within you, your own awareness and ENJOY giving yourself the gift of connection to the version of your best self.  

Connect with Swami

Website: https://www.Awakeyogameditation.org

IG: @swami_nityananda_giri

IG: @awakeyogameditation

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/awakeyogameditation

TikTok: @swami_nityananda_giri

FB: https://www.facebook.com/awakeyogameditationcenter/

Get her book,  Awake: Th

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