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Find Your Inner Balance with Samaya

September 13, 2023 Heather Frederick, PhD Episode 110
Happy Doc Student Podcast
Find Your Inner Balance with Samaya
Happy Doc Student Podcast
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Show Notes

In episode 110, I chat with Samaya. A Chicago firefighter, she is currently pursuing her PhD in Integrative Medicine.


1.    Any kind of misalignment (fear, worry, pain, disease, etc.) is simply a frequency imbalance.

2.    You are more than our physical body; you are energy (everything is energy!) - understanding the power of frequencies is important to living a life where you thrive. 

3.    Energy outside your body moves very fast, but once it becomes a part of your physical body it becomes dense (so do your best to pick energies like love and gratitude versus energies like fear and worry).

4.    Choose high energy foods (reduce things that are processed and increase food that is fresh and alive).

5.    You pick up the energies around you – so be aware of the people in your environment.

6.    Your gut will tell you more than your brain (so listen!).

7.    Give box breathing (4,4,4,4) a try (4-minutes in, 4-minutes hold, 4-minutes exhale, 4-minutes hold).

8.    Tips for box breathing: breath deep into your diagram and breath through your nose; try it first thing in the morning. 

9.    Processing emotions is a journey – find techniques/methods that will allow you to make friends with uncomfortable emotions. 

10. Music is a great tool for processing emotions and bringing you back to balance.

11. Take care of yourself (prioritize sleep, hydration, and breathing well) so that you can be a leader in your circle of influence (you can’t pour from an empty cup).

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Free Inner Voice Scan - find the emotions that are creating blocks in your physical body and receive balancing harmonics to help balance out the body: https://calendly.com/tracihill-1/ao-inner-voice-scan-1

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