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Become the Happiest Person You Know with Monique Rhodes

June 07, 2023 Heather Frederick, PhD Episode 103
Happy Doc Student Podcast
Become the Happiest Person You Know with Monique Rhodes
Happy Doc Student Podcast
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Show Notes

Monique is a Happiness Strategist who teaches students and corporations around the world how to master their lives. 

Are you ready to transform your well-being? 


1.    The primary source of suffering is your mind – this means you can take control of your happiness (yay!)

2.    You are not alone – most people are struggling with anxiety, depression, and feelings of overwhelm

3.    Consider our environment – currently there are things socially/culturally working against us 

4.    Your “smart” phone is designed to keep you in a state of anxiety – what behaviors around electronics could you change to increase your well-being?

5.    What other ways can you change your relationship around technology? See links below for podcasts that may help you dig deep into this question (they transformed my life!) 

6.    Exercise is key to being happy  - move that body (bonus if you do it outside)

7.    Ask yourself (really stop and think): Where am I living? Am I in the stressful fantasy worlds of the past and future?

8.    Meditate (see links below for more on this) so you can spend more time in the present and therefore dissolve much of your anxiety, depression and stress

9.    Meditation also allows you the opportunity to know your mind (this is HUGE!)

10. When starting a meditation practice, find someone who can mentor you (Monique’s info below)

11. Be radical and TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF!


Supporting podcasts

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