Happy Doc Student Podcast

Hustle, Motivate & Empower with Nyce Jones, MBA, ABD

March 15, 2023 Heather Frederick, PhD Episode 97
Happy Doc Student Podcast
Hustle, Motivate & Empower with Nyce Jones, MBA, ABD
Happy Doc Student Podcast
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Show Notes

Nyce Jones is pursuing his EdD in Higher Education and Management. He is a pop culture educator and entrepreneur motivating minds one moment at a time. His unique use of Hip Hop culture and creative energy impacts anyone he encounters.


1.     Candid conversations with mentors can help you get clarity on how to reach your goals.

2.     Do your due diligence to ensure a doctoral program will help you meet your goals – and that you are in the right program for YOU!

3.     Before you say “yes” to a school, tour it or at least meet some key people virtually to gauge if it will be a good fit (this is a huge commitment you should not go into lightly).

4.     When you create from an authentic place, your impact is enormous.

5.     Refuse to be complacent - “Complacency is cancer for culture and innovation.” 

6.     Ask “WHY” like an 8-year-old.

7.     Give yourself permission to be who you are – you are worth it!

8.     You are either your best friend or your worst enemy (be your best friend).

9.     Life happens and shifting your timeline might be the best decision ever (it is your timeline and no one else’s).

10.  The world is on fire, and if you want to put that fire out you must put your self-care first. 

11.   Create something every day - “It is innate to create.” 

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