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Technology Addiction vs. Technology Mindfulness: How to Put Humans First with Rob Krecek

November 23, 2022 Heather Frederick, PhD Episode 89
Happy Doc Student Podcast
Technology Addiction vs. Technology Mindfulness: How to Put Humans First with Rob Krecek
Happy Doc Student Podcast
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Show Notes

Founder of Humans First, Rob Krecak is a thrill-seeker, self-professed nerd, question asker, voracious reader, competitor, keynote speaker, and business builder. Rob is on a mission to help individuals and companies reduce stress and get back time so they can master their careers and lives. He founded Humans First to provide a one-of-a-kind consulting experience that analyzes people’s efficiency and energy by paying attention to their technology mindfulness.


·      The question to ask yourself is: Are you using technology in a way that serves you well?

·      Over 50% of GenZer’s are afraid to make or take a phone call (crazy, right?)

·      The average American spends 12 hours and 21 minutes a day (that’s 3/4s of our waking lives!) in front of a screen (this is not natural – so it’s not surprising there are negative consequences)

·      The average white-collar worker sends and receives 126 emails a day! (this is about 4 hours/day if you are spending an average of 2 minutes/email); add in meetings and the average person has only about 2 hours/day to spend on their job

·      Spend less time on emails/meetings when you learn how to communicate differently (this reduces stress and burnout)

·      The goal is to spend more time on the activities that matter most!

·      The practice of the 5-day work week is a century old; it’s time to rethink this – YES, a 4-day work week (8-hour days, not 10) is possible

·      People need to feel psychologically safe to NOT check their email constantly; one way to do this is through a clear written policy (email me: info@expandyourhappy.com for the template that Rob shared)

·      Email is the most addictive technology (it is addictive in the same way slot machines are addicting)


·      Reduce email by checking it less 

·      Set boundaries via clarifying the culture of communication and technology – do this in writing versus verbally (email me for the template Rob discusses – info@expandyourhappy.com)

·      Mark Woods podcast: https://www.buzzsprout.com/1547113/7136806

·      Communication is KEY!

“The amount of love, success, and happiness in this world are infinite, so imagine how much love, success, and happiness we can all have together if all decide to put humans first.”

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