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Gifts not Goals: A New Way to Think about Change with Jill Thiry, MBA

May 11, 2022 Heather Frederick, PhD Episode 74
Happy Doc Student Podcast
Gifts not Goals: A New Way to Think about Change with Jill Thiry, MBA
Happy Doc Student Podcast
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Show Notes

What is more important in your life than your health and wellness?

Jill Thiry obtained her MBA from the University of San Francisco and spent decades in high-tech publishing. 9/11 and a transformative week-long stay at Rancho La Puerta in 2002 changed everything. Her work has evolved into an 8-step process that allows you to create easily identified tasks in a way that ensures desired change. Club Change is a place where participants support each another in making the necessary choices to enhance their bodies, minds, spirits, and communities. 


1.    Life is precious – each moment, each breath and we have the opportunity to choose what we are bringing into our lives 

2.    Be conscious of your choices – Just like it’s OK to say YES to new things, it’s OK to say NO, too! 

3.    Ask: What is more important than my health and wellness?

4.    Self-care is not selfish! The more people who practice self-care the more beautiful our world will be. 

5.    Self-care is a time saver (I know, it sounds counterintuitive to “add” something to your already busy schedule BUT try it – you will get more done).

6.    Language is important – not “should” but “I get to” and not “busy” but “full” and not “could” but “will” not “goal” but “gift.”

7.    Set an alarm at night that signals you to UNPLUG

8.    Start by picking ONE thing you can change that will contribute to your wholeness (exercise starts at about the 14-minute mark)

9.    8 Steps: Show up for yourself, Think about it, Write it Done, Envision, Choose, Practice, Track, Share

10. To create your practice fill in this sentence: I will [practice here] for a minimum of [minutes here] for [number here] times this week.

11. Keywords: Kind and achievable (don’t use gray area words – like “more” or “healthier” – be CLEAR on what you are choosing).

12. Ask yourself why you make the choices you do.

13. When you are whole and centered you are STRONGER in ALL aspects of life: school, family/friends, career, etc. 

There is nowhere to go but here – and it’s perfect it as it is!

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